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Water Policy and Planning


The Water Policy and Resources Development department is responsible for developing viable plans and initiatives to ensure reliability of the region's water supplies. They play an important role in reducing the region's dependence on imported water by expanding the local water supply portfolio in an economically feasible manner. Through effective partnerships and innovative planning, the staff continues to demonstrate a proactive approach to water resource management.

Two planning documents that West Basin develops are the annual Water Use Report and the Urban Water Management Plan.

Water Use ReportWater Use Report

Every year West Basin develops the Water Use Report to inform its customer agencies, Board of Directors and key stakeholders of the service area's annual water usage as well as its customer agency's retail usage. It is designed to be a water resource reference tool summarizing the following information:

  • 10-year historical water use (Imported, Recycled, and Groundwater)
  • Water use by month over the most recent fiscal year
  • Purchase Agreement Base, Tier 1 and Commitment Amount
  • Potable meter connection data
  • Imported & Recycled Water Rates & Charges
  • Contact information
  • Recycled Water Connections

In addition, the report briefly highlights some of the recent activities West Basin is engaged in the service area. This year's report describes West Basin's efforts in energy savings at the Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility with the installation of solar panels and the partnership with the South Bay Energy Saving Center. Click here to download the PDF version.

Archived Reports

2015 Urban Water Management Plan

The State of California, through the California Water Management Planning Act of 1983, as amended, requires every urban water supplier to develop an Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) every five years to demonstrate in detail how their agency manages their water supplies and demands under all hydrology conditions. Following the Public Hearing held on June 27, 2016, the West Basin Board of Directors adopted the UWMP.

This plan demonstrates not only how West Basin plans to meet its service area's retail demands over the next 25 years, but also how they plan to provide long-term water reliability through supply diversification. Since West Basin's formation in 1947, West Basin has strived to ensure water reliability. Through its efforts in recycled water, conservation, education, groundwater recovery and ocean water desalination research, West Basin continues to be a leader in water reliability by investing in a well-balanced water supply portfolio.

View the 2015 Urban Water Management Plan
Download the 2015 Urban Water Management Plan

To view the 2010 UWMP, please click here.

SWRCB Emergency Regulations - Wholesaler Supply Information

Pursuant to the Governor's Executive Order B-37-16, the State Water Resources Control Board issued new Emergency Regulations in May 2016 which require urban water wholesalers, such as West Basin, to provide information on the reliability of water supplies they expect to deliver to each urban water supplier in the next three years. The calculations and underlying analysis must be posted to a publicly-accessible webpage, no later than June 15, 2016. West Basin's completed supply availability analysis and supporting documentation is available here. - Updated 6/27/16