California is in a serious drought. Use only the water you need.




Have you been on a recent classroom field trip to West Basin's Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility? If so, you are half way to becoming a Water Star by saving 20 gallons of water each day!

After your field trip, you received a Water Star Conservation Kit.  Complete the fun activities with your whole family, install the Water Star saving devices, and solve the water detective mystery riddle!

Mail in your mystery riddle solution and water savings calculations on the Sleuth Score Card to enter yourself and your class into an outrageous Raffle Drawing for prizes!

Or better yet, be a Green (Earth-Friendly) Water Star by filling in your Sleuth Card information online and save a stamp! Click here to fill in the Mystery Riddle Answer and your water savings information. You can also click on the Sleuth Card image below. One winner will be drawn every three months.  The awardee will win Water Star t-shirts for the whole class and a $100 classroom gift card to Lakeshore Learning stores.

Good luck in the drawing!...and Happy Water Savings!