California is in a serious drought. Use only the water you need.

California Drought

West Basin's Drought Response

As California faces its fourth year of critical drought, West Basin is responding to the Governor's call to cut the state's overallwater usage by 25%. West Basin is assisting its cities and retail water agencies in their efforts to implement water-saving programs.

Visit for water-saving materials along with their toolkit to download.

Visit for Metropolitan Water District of Southern California's latest drought updates.

West Basin has invested more than $600 million in recycling and conservation programs resulting in a 27% reduction in drinking water use in our service area from 1995 to today.

Over 300,000 water-saving devices (including high-efficiency toilets, rain barrels, smart sprinkler controllers, etc.) have been distributed to residents and businesses.

Learn more about our programs here.

West Basin’s Board of Directors has supported both the Water Bond and the Bay Delta Conservation Plan to help with the drought.
We continue to educate and inform the community about the importance of a reliable future water supply for this drought and beyond through the Water Reliably 2020 program.


Drought Press Conference

West Basin hosted a drought press conference following Governor Brown’s Drought Emergency Declaration with CA State Assemblymember Isadore Hall to discuss key water issues and continued investment in a local, reliable supply of high quality water.


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