California is in a serious drought. Use only the water you need.

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A message from West Basin President Carol Kwan

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The water industry changed significantly in 2015. It marked the beginning of an era and a time where history will have little bearing on our water future. From the lowest California snowpack in history to the States’ first mandatory conservation program, future water supplies are becoming less certain. NASA released a report stating 2015 was the earth’s hottest year on record, a clear sign we are starting to see the impacts of a changing climate.

What does all of this mean for our water customers and West Basin? It means conservation is not a temporary fix but will remain a staple in our everyday lives. The State just extended mandatory conservation requirements, and although surveys tell us that people feel like they have saved all the water they can, there is still more that can be done to be more water efficient. West Basin’s conservation program continues to grow with our free rain barrel distribution, gray water workshops, and native plant gardening classes.

Like residents, West Basin is doing its part as a water provider to find new, drought-proof supplies and is committed to future water reliability. To support that commitment, the District will double its recycling and conservation programs and is responsibly exploring ocean water desalination to add to our diverse water portfolio. Ocean water desalination is growing in California. There are five new desalination projects under way or completed.

West Basin released its Notice of Preparation for an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for a possible 20 million gallons per day ocean water desalination plant. The EIR process will help us gather the information needed to make an informed decision on whether turning ocean water into drinking water should be part of our new water supplies.

As water users and water providers we must respond to this future with efficiency, an open mind and creative solutions. I look forward to providing the best leadership for us all to work together during this critical time.


We are proud to serve beautiful coastal Los Angeles and it will be your participation in caring for our water future that will keep this community flourishing.

·        Landscape and Gardening Programs:
  • West Basin’s conservation webpage is regularly updated with upcoming events like our Hands-On Workshops (HOWs) to create Ocean Friendly Gardens, Landscape Irrigation Efficiency Program (LIEP), which inspect for water-wasting problems in your yard, and Turf’s Up, which provides rebates for property owners who remove turf and replace it with water-efficient landscaping.
·        Ocean-Water Desalination and Water Recycling Tours:
  • Our water recycling facility in El Segundo is open for tours on the second Saturday of every other month at 9:30 am, and the ocean-water desalination facility in Redondo Beach is open Tuesday through Saturday. Call (310) 660-6243 to schedule your tour today.
·        Water 101 Classes:
  • Classes are open to the public and will help you discover more about the global, national, and local future of water. Classes are offered on the first and second Thursday of every other month. Email: to sign up for future a class.